Fast-growing SA martech firm eyes further international expansion

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Increased demand for data-driven location-based marketing spurs triple-digit growth for Social Places, a self-funded SA martech success story. Marketers are under increased pressure to drive business growth, particularly in a challenging economic environment – it’s [...]

Franchises reap the rewards of tech-enabled local marketing strategies

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Technology-enabled local marketing strategies help leading franchises grow at a rate three times faster than competitors. One of the great challenges facing franchise businesses is to maintain their group brand identity while enabling local marketing [...]

Tech Companies Transforming the Restaurant Landscape in South Africa

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The restaurant industry is highly competitive, so unless you have a star chef or a novel cuisine, chances are you will experience some trouble standing out from the crowd. Not only is the industry highly [...]

Waze Ads: Where This Community-Driven App Can Take Your Business

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Navigation devices are a dime a dozen these days, so what sets Waze apart? Well, not only is Waze the world’s largest community-based navigation app but it also allows businesses to setup branded pins that [...]

The Importance of Reviews and Online Reputation

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When last did you dine at a new restaurant without checking it’s online rating? OR book a hotel? OR enlist a service? We’re guessing you really had to think about it. Reviews are the new [...]