Location-based marketing and advertising that targets the correct audience, at the correct time and within the vicinity of each location.

GoAds offers geo-targeted advertising on Facebook, Google, Waze and TripAdvisor. Using sophisticated retargeting methods and relevant CTA’s, ad spend is optimised, resulting in successful campaigns with profitable ROI’s.


69% of Google searches include a specific location


20% conversion increase when locations are added to the ads


Location-related searches have grown 50% faster than mobile searches over the past year


50% of local searches lead to users visiting a local store within 24 hours after the search

Media placement that focuses on giving you a healthy return on investment (ROI)

Location-based advertising that gets your business more calls, more navigation requests and ultimately, more feet walking into your store.

Facebook Local Ads

Local Ad formats connect to your Facebook Places Pages and allow users to navigate to your nearest store. Yes please!

Google Local Ads

Sponsored Map listings and Map Pins will skyrocket the navigations to your stores.

Waze Ads

Location-based branded pins and banners let Waze’rs know that your business is just a hop, skip and a jump away.

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Social Places has cultivated strategic partnerships with the world’s most popular advertising platforms. Our GoAds teams work closely with our partners to ensure that your advertising spend is reaching the right audience at the right time, for all your locations.